This website is dedicated to the memory of Marion Strawhorne. Without Marion’s friendship, encouragement and creative input, this website would not have been possible.

Community News Hertfordshire is for people of all ages and diversities looking for events, activities, hobbies or help and support in Hertfordshire. It is recommended you keep returning to see what is new, as it is up dated daily.

If you would like to advertise on this website and the Facebook page, please do get in touch. All information on this website is correct at the time of publication. From time to time details change or events are cancelled, Community News takes no responsibility for changes to the published items on this website.

Community News began as a small part of a residents association Facebook page, posting events in their local area of Watford.

During spring of 2020 when the first COVID lockdown was introduced, I started posting online activities and games on their Facebook page, and it quickly became apparent that many other people across Watford might be interested too. Being restricted to just posting in one small local area of Watford, an idea grew.

In June 2020, I decided to start my own Facebook group, and Community News was born. At first posting events and activities across Watford and then introducing courses and helplines to the page. Within 6 months, Community News had grown to a thousand members.

By the start 2021, and in a third lockdown, Community News continued to expand, and was advertising events etc, happening in the surrounding areas of Watford. The group itself was also growing and in March 2021 it reached 2000 members.

During the rest of that year, Community News started to have members joining from across Hertfordshire, so it seemed natural to start sharing events and activities on the page covering a wider area, which included St. Albans and Hemel Hempstead.

Boxing Day 2021, Community News had a fantastic Christmas present, as it reached a new milestone in just 18 months of 3000 members, and another idea was forming.

On February 4th 2022, the creation of this website went live, and during the next six months the website grew, with more pages being added and a easier to read format was introduced. By November the website was getting hundreds of views per week and was now established as a website for the whole of Hertfordshire, covering areas of north, east, south and west Hertfordshire. The Facebook page was continuing to grow as well and by November 2022 had over 4,300 members, and one year later was heading towards 5,800 members. By March 2024 the Facebook page passed 6,000 members.

During 2023 the website under went a few changes as the Analytics showed what pages were proving popular and which was not. Some pages were developed further, whilst others were replaced. The website continued to grow with users and as we move through 2024, it continues to be a great help and a reliable source of information for all those that use it, with hundreds of users per week.